Useful Twitter Account of the Week: @queuenoodle

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This week’s useful Twitter account helps you keep track of when Netflix movies are about to expire, so you don’t miss a favorite flick. Follow @queuenoodle to grab any last-minute movies before you miss your chance.

Brought to you by @RobinSloan, a self-professed writer and media inventor who works at Twitter, QueueNoodle makes note of all of the upcoming movie expirations on Netflix.

For instance, on April 6th QueueNoodle alerted concerned followers that Tears of the Sun would be expiring on the 9th, giving them three days to grab the title before it disappeared. Each tweet contains the name of the movie that will soon be expiring, its star rating on Netflix, and a direct link to its page on

If you’re a “collector” type who just has to see and/or have everything, QueueNoodle will satisfy your completionist urges. And if you’re just a plain old movie buff, this is a great account to follow to make sure you don’t miss the boat on a fantastic film.

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