Useful Twitter Account of the Week: @safetyweb

The internet can be a scary place for kids, as most parents with young ones know. That’s where the @safetyweb Twitter account comes in: it collects and shares stories about web safety aimed at parents trying to protect their children’s online reputation, their privacy, and their security.

The @safetyweb Twitter account tweets multiple times each day, and is a fantastic resource for up-to-date information about child safety on the internet. It tweets stories like about current online scams, cyber bullying, how to create secure passwords, teens and smartphone use, child-friendly social networks and much more.

The Safety Web Twitter account is linked to, which provides resources for parents to monitor and protect their children while on the internet.

With social tools like Facebook and Twitter increasingly being used by younger and younger kids, it’s important to understand how their privacy and security could be compromised without parent supervision. Safety Web is a great Twitter account to follow for anyone with young children and teens who are active on the web. The sheer number of articles and links it posts per day will keep you updated about the current trends in privacy and security, and you can always check out their website for additional tools.

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