Using Buffer Increases Clicks By 200%, Doubles Retweets

Want to double the number of retweets you see? Or how about add over 100 new followers in 3 weeks (without buying them, or participating in a Twitter pyramid scheme)?

By using Buffer, the company says you’ll see all this and more.

New stats from Buffer, the tweet scheduling and optimizing app, shows that its users see a significant increase in their impact on Twitter. If you haven’t heard of Buffer, it’s worth checking out: you simply throw in the links and text you want to tweet, and Buffer will take care of scheduling them to go live at optimal times throughout the day.

According to the study, the average Buffer user saw increased clicks on links, retweets, the number of followers, Klout score and more.

Specifically, the average user saw a 200 percent increase in the number of clicks their links received and doubled the number of retweets they were receiving within two weeks of using Buffer. They also increased their follower count by 104 three weeks after starting out with Buffer, and saw their Klout score increase by 3.5 points within the first week.

So how does Buffer optimize Twitter users’ impact?

One of the major driving forces behind Buffer users’ success is the timing optimization that Buffer offers. Using an algorithm, Buffer predicts the four best times for you to tweet between 8am and 8pm. It also allows users to fine-tune their timing if these times aren’t working out.

Buffer also increases the frequency of tweets that the majority of its users send out. They found that users who were using one of Buffer’s browser extensions (available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari) would add 150 percent more tweets to their Buffer.

So just by increasing the frequency and optimizing the timing of your tweets, you can see measurable improvements in your Twitter impact. I am personally a Buffer user, as I find it is one of the easiest ways to tweet while surfing the web. If you want to give it a try, visit the Buffer website.