Using Feedly To Create A Personal News Hub

Twitter’s tremendous growth and active user base means breaking news stories to the web has become easier than ever. But when this is juxtaposed with information from mainstream media sources, keeping up with the latest news around a particular topic can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the team at DevHD has come with a great solution for harnessing the news of the web while including instant updates from other sources — they call it Feedly.

Feedly’s “What’s New?” page serves as the dashboard for the program, and gives you the latest updates on your websites and topics. If you use Google Reader, Feedly syncs with your account and pulls in your tags and feeds. Also, you can search through all your feeds from this page, change the influence filtering for some feeds, and look at any of your configured widgets, such as Twitter or YouTube.

Sources can be easily categorized and customized to provide just the type of news you want to see. You can even customize the view of your topic pages depending on the type of content you want to feature. There’s a title only view for articles, a grid view for multimedia content, and more. Feedly also has some similar features found in Google Reader, like the ability to mark all feeds as “read”, and to edit or unsubscribe from certain topics.

Perhaps the best part about Feedly is its built-in sharing options. With just a click, you can share posts via email, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or a number of other services. Feedly’s community features allow you to recommend posts to other Feedly users, and users can become “fans” of your Feedly page. You are also able to track who has recommended posts of yours, and who has shared them via Twitter.

Feedly is available for iOS, Android, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

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