Utne Reader Honors Independent Publications Through 21st Annual Independent Press Awards

Last night, during the Magazine Publishers of America-Independent Magazine Advisory Group (IMAG) conference at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., Utne Reader announced the winners for the Utne Independent Press Awards for outstanding journalism in 2009.

Utne Reader editor in chief David Schimke heaped praise upon this year’s winners and acknowledged the myriad challenges facing independent publications today:

It’s clear that today’s best journalists and writers, who just a few years ago were working for daily newspapers or metropolitan weeklies, are finding a home for their best work in smaller, independent and alternative magazines. The quality of this year;s nominees is both a tribute to, and a direct reflection of, that phenomenon.

A list of the winners appears after the jump.

General Exellence – Orion

Best Arts Coverage – The Journal of Music

Best Environmental Coverage – High Country News

Best Health/Wellness Coverage – Spirituality & Health

Best International Coverage – Virginia Quarterly Review

Best Political Coverage – The American Prospect

Best Social/Cultural Coverage – Brain, Child

Best Science/Tech Coverage – IEEE Spectrum

Best Spirituality Coverage – Portland

Best Writing – Boston Review

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