v1.2 Update Turns Nook Color eReader into an Android Tablet

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color ebook reader has been a favorite target for hackers looking for a cheap Android tablet. A quick root job and a fresh SD card was all that was needed. Barnes and Noble could have fought them. Instead, however, they wisely chose to interpret it as a sign of what their customers wanted. We reported here last month that they planned to give the Nook color the features people wanted. And, this week, we see the result of that.

Barnes & Noble Says Nook color eBook Reader will Get Email & Other New Apps This Spring

Nook Color v1.2 Firmware Update Now Available for Sideloading (B&N Community)

The version 1.2 firmware update turns the Nook color from a promising ereader device to an Android tablet with email, an enhanced browser, and the ability to run apps like Angry Birds.

The update can be installed manually by download the update file from:


If you aren’t in a rush, the update will flow OTA (over the air) via WiFi starting next week.

Here are the apps you’ll find on an updated Nook color:

– Chess
– Contacts
– Crosswords
– Email
– Gallery (photo viewing)
– Music
– NOOK Friends (B&N book social network)
– Pandora Internet Radio
– Sodoku

The updated Nook Color can also read but not write Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 document files. The Nook Color’s supports Adobe Flash. At $250, I believe the Nook Color will satisfy a lot of people looking for an inexpensive Android tablet.

Via All Things Digital

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