Nothing Says 'Happy Valentine's Day’ Like Facebook Apps

Valentine's Day, the joint venture between Hallmark and Satan, is fast approaching, bringing with it a flurry of Facebook applications.

Valentine’s Day, the joint venture between Hallmark and Satan, is fast approaching, bringing with it a flurry of Facebook applications.

Here are a handful of the Valentine’s Day apps we’ve discovered. We listed them in alphabetical order to make sure we didn’t break any hearts, so please don’t stalk us.

Cupid’s Fondue Forks

Fondue restaurant chain The Melting Pot is dipping its skewer into Facebook’s Valentine’s Day chocolate with its Cupid’s Fondue Forks app, which allows potential lovebirds to hit each other with Cupid’s Fondue Forks (arrows are frowned upon at The Melting Pot), for a chance at one of ten $100 gift cards to the chain.

As Cindy Haynes, senior vice president of marketing for Front Burner Brands, which manages The Melting Pot, said, “There’s just something about the fondue dining experience that invites romance.”

Facebook Love Button

OK, so it’s not really an app. It’s more of a concept. But we still thought it was worth including.

A gentleman named Aky, who hails from India, proposed that, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Facebook change the like button to a love button, and change the main color of its user interface from blue to red.

Aky claims to be “obsessed” with how Google often changes its doodle logo on its main search page, and claims the ideas for modifications to Facebook came to him in a dream. Aky needs help.

The Mural

The Mural, a virtual gift app we wrote about last month, is perfect for Valentine’s Day, as users can send virtual gifts to their friends, ranging from free-of-charge to 100 Facebook Credits, or they can create dedications, all of which appear on the Mural of Love. However, the Mural of Love is not made of chocolate.

Play Cupid

Drug chain Walgreens is marking Valentine’s Day by encouraging its Facebook fans to play matchmaker with its Play Cupid app.

Users can pick two people whom they believe belong together, and then place their photos into one of nine customized images (“from formalwear to lederhosen”), and post the images to their Facebook pages.

The app will suggest Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and the matchmaker will receive a coupon. The matchmaker will likely receive other things if the match doesn’t work out.

Spank A Friend

Get your minds out of the gutter: Spank a Friend has nothing to do with rough sex.

The app uses open graph action items to provide alternatives to Facebook’s poke feature, with “spank” being the main one.

However, “kiss” is also an option, and it helps users to “express your feelings to your spouse, significant other, crush, date, or random friend.”

We have to admit, when we started thinking of alternatives to “like,” “spank” was not the first one that came to mind.

Why I Need To Break Up With My Ex — In 10 Words Or Less

“Wait a minute,” you say, “why would I need to break up with my ex if he/she is already my ex?”

Relationship advice site YourTango is encouraging people to “detach from their exes digitally, physically, and emotionally,” by February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day.

By digitally, YourTango referred to reminders on Facebook, as well as Twitter, foursquare, and on cell phones.

The Why I Need to Break Up with My Ex — in 10 Words or Less contest will grant prizes to the 10 best answers, which can be submitted a variety of ways, including via the YourTango Facebook wall. Now, about those photos … David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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