Valleywag Will Continue to Make Your Tech Clients Sweat

valleywag-touch-icon-200x200If you have big tech names or promising startup clients on your roster, you may flinch each time you hear the word “Valleywag.”

Don’t count on that changing anytime soon. In a new interview with New York magazine, head tech muckraker Sam Biddle promises that–while his online persona is not an accurate representation of himself–he will continue trying to make your tech clients nervous with more than a little help from anonymous tipsters.

Most importantly, he does use Uber…no matter how much he may hate the company and everything it stands for.

In classic reality show fashion, Biddle isn’t here to make friends–which may explain why tech PR teams don’t seem to care for him. As Laura Bennett writes:

“Tesla corporate had mysteriously canceled our scheduled test drive at the mention of his name.”

Biddle’s primary criticism of competing blogs is that they simply reprint tech press releases without question or critique. While we (should) all agree that this point has merit, Valleywag isn’t necessarily a place you go for accurate, in-depth reporting on the tech field.

For the record, Biddle has something to tell those who classify him as a professional troll looking to shame and discredit hardworking tech entrepreneurs and the PRs who promote their companies:

“If I were the kind of person in real life that I am at my computer, I would be alone.”

It’s not all bad news; he does have positive things to say about the Secret app, which makes sense because so many “secrets” could be their own Valleywag posts.

The most interesting part of the interview concerns Biddle’s thoughts on Uber–a company he hates yet still patronizes:

“Listen, these products are good. They just have a lot of shitty consequences.

These are people and companies and places that deserve to be embarrassed and upset.”

So don’t expect anything approaching positive coverage on Valleywag at any point in the near future. Biddle jokes about devoting more time to startups he actually likes, but something tells us his heart’s not quite in it.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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