Vanity Fair Coming To The iPad Today

Condé Nast is treating its new Vanity Fair iPad version, which launched today, as something of an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Today’s debut edition, the June issue, is available for download on iTunes for $4.99 – the same price as a newsstand issue of the magazine. It’s an odd move given all subsequent iPad issues will cost $3.99.

Here are some features buyers have to look forward to in the digital version of Vanity Fair:

– Vertical and horizontal modes for viewing, with the magazine’s “digital interpretation” viewable in vertical mode
– Behind-the-scenes videos
– Magazine “memory” – the device allows you to read from where you left off
– Interactive ads

At a talk on Tuesday offering a demonstration of the iPad issue, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter seemed to view the product with some amusement. Of the iPad-exclusive video of cover model Emma Watson prepping for her shoot, Carter said “You’ve got to be a big Emma Watson fan to get through that.” He also acknowledged a glitch — on the iPad, music for the behind-the-scenes videos continues even after the video is stopped — and noted that “the [print] magazine does not do that.”

Earlier, Condé Nast, which is also preparing iPad versions of The New Yorker and Glamour this summer, has said these digital version will be “experimental” given Apple’s current feud with Adobe Flash.