Study Shows that Vanity Fair Has Unhealthy Preoccupation with the Kennedys

Breaking news: Vanity Fair has a little thing for the Kennedys.

Yes, well, this thought has probably occurred to anyone who has flipped through the magazine, any issue, ever. But intrepid reporter Eliza Gray at The New Republic decided to research just how deep Vanity Fair‘s obsession with the Kennedys — sorry, we mean “Camelot!”– runs.

According to my count, roughly one-third of the issues of Vanity Fair since 2003 have contained at least one article about a Kennedy, written by a Kennedy, or mentioning a Kennedy at least seven times… This list leaves out many stories that mention the Kennedys only fleetingly.

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter emailed Gray and offered this explanation, “[T]hey are the totemic figures of the last great years of the American Century. That they were all pretty easy on the eyes, certainly doesn’t hurt.”

That may be true, but as Gray notes, Jackie O pulls more coverage than Michelle Obama since she became first lady. “Kennedy” even draws more hits than “Palin” (though perhaps that’s a good thing?). The Kennedys may be a reliably intriguing subject, but politics, celebrity, and the politics of celebrity have moved on.

So how about that whole Prince WilliamKate Middleton-Royal Wedding thing, hmm?