Vanity Fair’s New Vertical Marries Politics, Tech and Business Coverage

And its interwoven world of titans.

“Where Wall Street, Washington and Silicon Valley meet” is the tagline for The Hive, Vanity Fair’s new offering that joins coverage of tech, business and politics, as well as Washington’s particular version of celebrity worship, the power player, in one vertical.

“While these areas may look like distinct realms, the truth is that they are all run by a close-knit group of power players,” writes editor Jon Kelly in the introductory post, “V.F. has been covering their world for decades—in features, through our New Establishment franchise, and at our annual Summit. Now we’ll be zeroing in on the intersection of money and power on a daily, even hourly, basis, on whatever platform you find most convenient.”

The last part of that last sentence isn’t just standard social-media age boilerplate, but explains what is behind Vanity Fair’s new plan for verticals, of which The Hive is just the first. “Vanity Fair, which reached 8.5 million unique visitors in April (comScore), is recognizing that people are increasingly finding articles on the distributed web versus publishers’ homepages and that a vertical with a strong identity has a better chance of grabbing people’s attention in their social feeds,” writes Lucia Moses in Digiday.

For today’s launch, the vertical has a piece on Jeff Bezos suggesting that his fellow, unnamed, entrepreneurs should “develop a thick skin,” a piece on the potentially problematic future of The New York Times, and the requisite reams on Donald Trump.

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