Variety Reporter Teases Shia LaBeouf Cover Story

Online later today.

Ramin Setoodeh’s latest cover story for Variety will be online later this afternoon and in print tomorrow. The publication’s New York bureau chief told Taylor Strecker, host of SiriusXM show Wake Up With Taylor, that he spent two and a half hours with actor Shia LaBeouf for this week’s sure-to-be heavily discussed piece.

Explains Setoodeh:

“He’s very aware of the way in which he was being portrayed in the press, the reports. He was concerned that people wouldn’t want to work with him… He talks [in the article] about the drinking, and what led to his breakdown.”

Setoodeh also asked LaBeouf about Lindsay Lohan’s similarly very public struggles and how the actor might have fared in the glare of the media if he had been female.

Update (3:30 p.m.):
The cover story is a great read. Here’s a taste:

Every [American Honey shooting location] city brought a new adventure. “One of the things we’d do as a group, we’d all go to the f-cking tattoo shop,” LaBeouf says. He got inked with 12 tattoos while making the film, which drove his director crazy, because she didn’t want her star showing up looking different in every scene. The memories of American Honey are now forever engraved on LaBeouf’s arms, neck, and both of his knees, which feature matching portraits of Missy Elliott.

“I don’t love Missy Elliott like I wanna get two Missy Elliott tattoos,” LaBeouf says. “But you’re in a tattoo parlor, and” — he shrugs — “peer pressure.”

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