Vast Majority of 2016 GOP TV Campaign Ads Are Super PAC Funded

Not that it's helping.

A report issued by The Center for Public Integrity details the extent to which GOP candidates’ television ad campaigns have become the domain of Super PACs.

According to CPI’s analysis, which used data from Kantar Media/CMAG, of the roughly 11,000 GOP TV ads that have aired between Jan. 1 2015 and Sept. 14, 2015, just 1,234 of those have been sponsored by candidate’s own committees, while the remaining 9,732 have been paid for by Super PACs and non-profits with a political bent.

Candidates from the less-crowded Democratic presidential field have aired about 4,000 TV ads so far, 90 percent of which have been sponsored by Hillary Clinton‘s campaign committee. With the 3,619 ads her campaign has aired, Clinton spots have appeared more than ads for any other candidate on either side. A Super PAC supporting Martin O’Malley is the sole non-campaign-committee sponsor of ads for Democrats.

Bernie Sanders has not aired a single ad. Neither, for that matter, has Donald Trump, who is using his continued media dominance as his free advertising.

Not that TV ads at this point are having much affect on the candidates’ fates. The GOP candidate who aired the most ads, all sponsored by his Super PAC, is also the first one out of the race. Yep, that would be Rick Perry.

Read the full report here.