Now Verified On Twitter: Carlsberg, The Archers, L’Oreal USA, Mr T, McDonald’s Customer Service

This is a continuing series of posts that will highlight newly verified brands, celebrities, official bodies and other persons and organisations of interest on Twitter.

Twitter verifies accounts to prove authenticity of identity. That is, the little blue verified badge is added to profiles that are at a high risk of impersonation to prove to other users that this person or brand is who they say they are. Occasionally Twitter makes a mistake, but, for the most part the system works, and the blue tick carries a lot of weight.

(Looking to get verified? Learn more about how, when and why Twitter verifies profiles here.)

In total, 44,262 profiles have now been verified on Twitter, which is a rise of 404 since last week. In this article we will look at recently-verified brand and celebrity profiles of note.

This week’s top five:

Carlsberg (@carlsberg)

Bio: Brewing premium lager for more than 160 years. That calls for a Carlsberg! By clicking ‘Follow’ you confirm you are of legal purchasing age in your country.
Followers: 240

The Archers (@BBCTheArchers)

Bio: RTs, links and insights from BBC’s The Archers team. We follow Archers listeners.
Followers: 11,959

L’Oreal Paris USA (@LOrealParisUSA)

Bio: The Official Twitter Account of L’Oréal Paris USA.
Followers: 54,979

Mr. T (@MrT)

Bio: Footballer, wrestler, soldier, bouncer, bodyguard & actor. Pitier of Fools. Best known for roles as B.A Baracus in The A-Team and Clubber Lang in Rocky III.
Followers: 2,376

McDonalds Customer Service (@Reachout_mcd)

Bio: McDonald’s Customer Service Team. Here to listen, help or answer any questions you have 7 days a week
Followers: 2,724

Other verified brands/official bodies of note:

BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics)

Bio: The official account for political news from the BBC team based at Westminster
Followers: 100,034

The European Tour (@European_Tour)

Bio: The official Twitter account for the European Tour. Follow us for discussion on golf, European Tour news and The Race to Dubai.
Followers: 65,426

Starbucks Card (@StarbucksCard)

Bio: Shiny, gold tweets from Rachel at Starbucks. I wear my heart on my cup sleeve, & I count coffee beans to go to sleep.
Followers: 47,257

NSW Police (@nswpolice)

Bio: The Official Twitter account of the NSW Police Force. Please do not report crime here.
Followers: 32,101

Blackburn Rovers (@OneRovers)

Bio: Official Blackburn Rovers Football Club twitter account. Rovers news, matchday offers, ticketing information and much more
Followers: 29,682

Eden Channel (@EdenChannel)

Bio: Home to #wildlife, #science, #Attenborough,#AttenboroughsCuriosities & @ProfBrianCox!
Followers: 2,317

Speed Stick (@SpeedStick)

Bio: Sweat it on the inside. Handle It® on the outside. With the trusted protection of Speed Stick®, you can stay cool under pressure.
Followers: 466

Twitter Ads UK (@TwitterAdsUK)

Bio: We tweet for brands.
Followers: 191

Other verified celebrities of note:

Katie Price (@MissKatiePrice)

Bio: Never under estimate the pricey! businesswoman/model/author/singer/tv star/columnist and proud mum
Followers: 1,729,698

Johnny Marr (@Johnny_Marr)

Bio: Guitar player with Smiths, The The, Modest Mouse, The Cribs & The Healers
Followers: 134,210

Jonathan Frakes (@jonathansfrakes)

Bio: father, husband, director, reformed actor
Followers: 121,533

George Strait (@GeorgeStrait)

Bio: George Strait – The King of Country Music Catch him on tour NOW!
Followers: 37,281

Nicholas Hoult (@NicholasHoult)

Bio: The official Twitter page for actor Nicholas Hoult.
Followers: 34,018

Melissa McBridge (@mcbridemelissa)

Bio: Coffee junkie. Currently playing the role of Carol on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The strings on that guitar are fake.
Followers: 23,544

Paddy Ashdown (@paddyashdown)

Bio: Ex Leader of the Lib Dems (amongst other things), ex High Representative in Bosnia currently in the Lords, writing books and having fun with my grandchildren
Followers: 5,624

Destiny’s Child (@destinyschild)

Bio: One of the most successful groups in pop/R&B music history, featuring Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.
Followers: 2,828

Liev Schreiber (@LievSchreiber)

Bio: Hirsute actor type best known for his slavic fat pads and shockingly attractive children…
Followers: 2,513

Evangeline Lilly (@EvangelineLilly)

Followers: 817