Now Verified On Twitter: USA Basketball, Johnny Vegas, Al Jazeera America, Vince McMahon, Aldi

This is a weekly series of posts that highlights newly-verified brands, celebrities and persons of interest on Twitter.

Twitter verifies accounts to prove authenticity of identity. That is, the little blue verified badge is added to profiles that are at a high risk of impersonation to prove to other users that this person or brand is who they say they are. Occasionally Twitter makes a mistake, but, for the most part the system works, and the blue tick carries a lot of weight.

(Looking to get verified? Learn more about how, when and why Twitter verifies profiles here.)

In total, 49,580 profiles have now been verified on Twitter, which is a rise of 442 newly-verified profiles since last week. In this article we will look at recently-verified brand and celebrity profiles of note.

This week’s top five:

USA Basketball (@usabasketball)

Bio: The official Twitter of USA Basketball.
Followers: 214,319

Johnny Vegas (@JohnnyVegasReal)

Bio: Comedy’s a campfire, come and be warmed!
Followers: 24,263

Al Jazeera America (@ajam)

Bio: Welcome to the official Twitter account for Al Jazeera America.
Followers: 3,795

Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon)

Bio: Vince McMahon, Chairman & CEO of WWE, Inc., is a third generation promoter who has made WWE into the global phenomenon it is today.
Followers: 138,377

Aldi Stores UK (@Aldi_StoresUK)

Bio: The Official Aldi UK Twitter Page. Follow us for the latest specialbuy promotions, competitions, recipes and customer services enquiries.
Followers: 11,935

Other verified brands and official bodies of note:

Diners Club (@DinersClub)

Bio: When you realize the journey is the destination, you Belong.
Followers: 5,306

Circa (@Circa)

Bio: The best way to read news on your iPhone. Circa is news, reimagined.
Followers: 5,031

LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp)

Bio: This feed is brought to you by the LinkedIn Customer Service team. We are here to help.
Followers: 1,204

Other verified celebrities of note:

Rumer Willis (@TheRue)

Bio: we are a way for the cosmos to know itself
Followers: 229,678

David Schneider (@davidschneider )

Bio: Actor, writer, comedian, fool.
Followers: 139,488

Emily Kinney (@emmykinney)

Bio: actor and singer/songwriter, Beth Greene on The Walking Dead
Followers: 62,885

Karl Malone (@TheDeliverer_32)

Bio: The Official Twitter of THE MAILMAN
Followers: 15,810

Danielle Steele (@daniellesteel)

Bio: Author
Followers: 12,168

Sébastien Foucan (@SebastienFoucan)

Bio: The official twitter account of Sébastien Foucan; the founder of freerunning, actor and public speaker.
Followers: 8,427

Ryan Phillippe (@RyanPhillippe)

Bio: Father. Filmmaker. Hip Hop Head.
Followers: 4,104

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