Now Verified On Twitter: Foot Locker, BBC iPlayer, Vine, Linda McCartney Foods, Francis Bacon

This is the first post in a new series that will highlight newly verified brands, celebrities and persons of interest on Twitter.

Twitter verifies accounts to prove authenticity of identity. That is, the little blue verified badge is added to profiles that are at a high risk of impersonation to prove to other users that this person or brand is who they say they are. Occasionally Twitter makes a mistake, but, for the most part the system works, and the blue tick carries a lot of weight.

At the time of writing, some 43,858 profiles have been verified on Twitter. So how do you get the tick? You wait. According to their official literature, Twitter “proactively verifies accounts on an ongoing basis”, concentrating on “highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas”. You used to be able to submit requests for verification via a handy form, but that’s long gone. My tip? If you’re famous, get your agent to contact your nearest Twitter office directly (i.e., if you’re British, contact Twitter UK). From what I’ve heard it can really speed up the process.

What’s particularly interesting about Twitter’s verification process is how varied the profiles are that make the cut, and the point at which that actually happens. It isn’t always mega-celebrities and power-brands, and sometimes the very famous have to wait in line for their blue tick alongside everybody else. Which, of course, is quite pleasing.

This week, there are five recently-verified profiles of note, and another newly-ticked ten that are worth mentioning.

Foot Locker (@footlocker)

Bio: The source for info on the hottest kicks at Foot Locker and House of Hoops locations nationwide. Sneaker lovers welcome.
Followers: 92,409

BBC iPlayer (@BBCiPlayer)

Bio: The Official Twitter account for BBCiPlayer. Handy for news and updates about the service.
Followers: 62,716

Vine (@Vine)

Bio: The best way to see and share life in motion.
Followers: 7,703

Linda McCartney Foods (@MeatFreeTweets, 10,171 followers)

Francis Bacon (@FrancisBacon)

Bio: The official Twitter profile of The Estate of Francis Bacon, featuring news and content around the late artist and his work.
Followers: 538

Other accounts of note that have recently been verified include:

Robin Williams (@robinwilliams)

Bio: Actor, Comedian, Cyclist, Retired Mime
Followers: 78,441

Evian (@evianwater)

Bio: #Liveyoung, feel healthy and inspire creativity!
Followers: 3,129

Greg Norman (@SharkGregNorman)

Bio: An Aussie from a small town in Northern Queensland who is referred to as The Great White Shark
Followers: 3,075


Bio: The official Twitter home of ITV
Followers: 108,211

Reader’s Digest (@readersdigest)

Bio: Tweeter’s Digest: Sharing the best uplifting stories, funny jokes, surprising advice, and more from America’s Most Trusted Magazine.
Followers: 38,489

Huggies (@Huggies)

Bio: Huggies® Community Managers talk babies, diapering, and more. Let’s enjoy the ride of parenting together. Have questions? Tweet us today!
Followers: 17,453

Dave (@Join_Dave)

Bio: The Home of Twitty banter.
Followers: 11,121

Bill Wyman (@bill_wyman)

Bio: Bass guitarist and former member of The Rolling Stones
Followers: 13,066

Pam Ayres (@PamAyres)

Bio: This is the real Pam. Versifier and Comedienne.
Followers: 16,921

Lufthansa (@lufthansa)

Bio: Welcome to the official twitter channel (international) of Deutsche Lufthansa AG!
Followers: 8,345

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