Verizon Getting iPhone! AT&T Has iPhone Locked Up to 2012! Which is True?

I still don’t have AT&T Wireless voice or data service in certain key spots. However, since my Droid wouldn’t start up yesterday and I didn’t have a headset for my HTC Touch Pro2 (I don’t like Bluetooth ear pieces), I used my iPhone with an Apple In-ear headset. I was shocked that AT&T didn’t drop me during a 15 minute conference call. Still, using my iPhone to make a voice call always seems like a roll of the dice to me. Making it all the way through a multi-minute voice call is always a gamble. I wouldn’t mind moving my iPhone to Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile (or Sprint for that matter) if, for nothing else, to eliminate one phone bill. So, imagine my disappointment in reading this on Engadget:

Confirmed: Apple and AT&T signed five-year iPhone exclusivity deal — but is it still valid?

So, how does this fit with all the buzz (again!) about Verizon getting the iPhone sometime this year?