Verizon & Google Announce Um What Exactly? Verizon Wireless Proclaims Openness?

A story I’ve read several time but never verified is that Apple approached Verizon Wireless to carry the iPhone before it approached AT&T Wireless. Whether or not this is true, Verizon probably wishes they had a mindshare winner like the iPhone. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see this press release…

Groundbreaking Agreement Between Verizon Wireless And Google To Leverage High-Speed Network And Open Android Platform For Wireless Innovation

What did surprise me, however, was how little it actually said. No actual handsets or manufacturers were mentioned. And, there no launch date or even a year. The only substantive statement was the last sentence of the release: The agreement will come to fruition within the next few weeks as Verizon Wireless introduces Android-based handsets.

So, I read this Wall Street Journal blog item to see if it caught something I missed…

Google and Verizon Say Two Android Phones, With Google Voice, To Come This Year

The big item there was that Google Voice would be available on the Verizon network. But, this statement by Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam amused me: You either have an open device or not, and this will be open.

Hmm, I’ll leave you to decide what this means by providing links to various past articles and blog items from various sources:

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