Verizon Mobile Broadband Connect for Android Prices Available & Limited to USB Cable Tethering

Verizon Wireless has pricing information for their tethering Mobile Broadband Connect service for “connect-capable” smartphones, BlackBerry, or Android devices at:

Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Connect product page

Neither the product page nor the

Broadband Connect FAQs

lists specific Android devices. So, it may be limited to the HTC Droid Incredible being launched today. Or, it may include the older Droid and Droid Eris. There are two 5GB per month plans. Each is available at a $5 per month discount which ends on July 15.

The first plan costs $15 per month and is added to a Nationwide Voice and Email Plan.

The second plan costs $30 per month. This is added to the Email and Web for BlackBerry or Smartphone featuer which itself costs $30 per month. The Droid 3G data service falls under this plan. So, if it is eligible for this tethering option, data for the phone and tethered device will cost $60 per month.

Unlike Verizon’s Palm Pre/Pixi Plus 3G-to-WiFi (MiFi-like) service, Broadband Connect is limited to USB cable tethering. This means I can’t use it with my Apple iPad.

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