Verizon Palm Pre/Pixi Plus Owners Get Free MiFi-like WiFi Tethering!

Screenshot courtesy of Verizon Wireless

April Fool’s day is a PITA if you are looking for actual tech news IMHO. So, I read this blog entry in the Offical Palm blog with more than a little skepticism:

No fooling with these April savings tips

For Verizon Wireless customers, the free Palm mobile hotspot app now comes with free service. The first 5 GB of data each month now comes at no extra cost. The app lets your Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus share your 3G bandwidth with up to 5 other Wi-Fi devices.

This sure sounds like an April Fool’s prank, doesn’t it? After all the mobile carriers uniformally charge $60 a month for their MiFi type devices with unlimited (5GB per month) plans. Is Verizon Wireless actually providing the ability to tether 5 WiFi devices to a Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus for no additional charge? Based on comments in the Palm blog, this tethering service was previously priced at $40 per month for Pre type device. Droid users (like me) still don’t even have an official Verizon option to tether devices.

A quick search on (link given) below provides instructions to:

Download and Install Mobile HotSpot Application – Palm webOS

And, here’s the provided instructions to turn on tethering:

Mobile HotSpot On / Off – Palm webOS

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