Verizon to Launch Mobile Video Service

Yes, it'll have ads.

Verizon–which got a fancy (okay, very simple) new logo yesterday–is on the verge of launching a mobile video streaming service, featuring content from AOL, Vice, Viacom and more. According to Bloomberg News, the service—called Go90—is getting a quiet debut, with execs hoping social media helps spread the word. Well, there goes that.

Go90’s content will initially be targeted toward teens and young adults. And of course, there will also be ads, thanks to AOL’s programmatic ad tech.

As Bloomberg notes, if Go90 is successful, it will give the company even more insight into users’ lives:

Our mobile phones offer a window on our interests: information about our age, location, favorite sports teams, foods and travel patterns can be collected and marketed. That info can give Verizon the ability to target more relevant ads to us where we happen to be.

Remember — somebody is (always) watching you.

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