A New Home for Comedy in Vermont

The Vermont Comedy Club opens in Burlington Nov. 18.

NathanHartswickNatalieMillerWhen the 2015 edition of “Vermont’s Funniest Comedian” competition kicks off next Wednesday night, it will be cause for a double celebration in the city of Burlington. That’s because after five years as roving patrons of local comedy, the husband-and-wife team of Nathan Hartswick and Natalie Miller (pictured) have hatched a new place to put on their shows.

The couple’s Vermont Comedy Club on Main Street occupies a 107-year-old National Guard Armory building. And thanks to a front-page story this week in the Burlington Free Press, we learned about what certainly seems like a good-luck charm:

Miller and Hartswick recently decided they needed to claim a home life that’s not about comedy, so they got a dog, a year-old mutt. They named her Tina Fey.

Ha ha. Any pet that allows its owners to bellow things like “Roll over, Tina Fey!” and “Bad Tina Fey! Bad!” has got to be good comedy karma.

The Vermont Comedy Club kicks off the professional stand-up era on Thanksgiving weekend with Jon Dore. In December, James Adomian, owner of one of the best Bernie Sanders shticks besides Larry David, will perform. And in January, Gilbert Gottfried is scheduled to be one of headliners.

The winner of last year’s “Vermont’s Funniest Comedian” was Grant Robin. Good luck to all of this year’s competitors, and hats off to Opportunities Credit Union for helping make the new comedy club a reality.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.