Vertica Provides Real-Time Analytics To Social Gaming Giants

Vertica announced at the LA Games Conference that it is working with gaming companies like Zynga, Crowdstar, Playdom, Mochi Media, Aurora Feint, Sibblingz and others for real-time analytics. This is interesting as we just reported that Zynga is also working with Tableau Software for similar purposes. Vertica provides an analytic database that enables these companies analyze their data on a deeper level and enhance gaming experiences in real-time. In a $2 Billion high stakes industry, social gaming companies will need all the edge they can get to help engage and monetize their users effectively.

Vertica’s goal is to help these companies improve revenue and customer retention on major social platforms like Facebook, Myspace and iPhone. They begin by feeding massive amounts of data into the Vertica Analytic Database, Vertica’s core product. As this is done in real time, developers gain insight into users’ interactions, perform in-game testing of new features that may be implemented and observe fast-breaking usage trends.

We’re not exactly sure if Zynga is continuing to work with Vertica since its also dealing now with Tableau, but CrowdStar certainly is. With over 10 million DAUs, Vertica plays a key role in identifying most profitable customer demographics and compelling features. Mochi Media is also reportedly running its online game ad server and advertising analytics with the help of Vertica. “With data loaded every hour, Vertica enables Mochi Media’s customers to better understand and monetize the games they develop using our platform. Because Vertica provides high-speed access to massive amounts of advertising, virtual payment and game data, our customers can slice and dice their information on demand,” said Bob Ippolito, CTO of Mochi Media.

Vertica’s unique features such as MPP architecture and data compression that reduces storage requirements allows companies to save big by reducing overhead and energy usage. The basic value add to developers is that they can:

•   innovate new ways to acquire and keep customers;
•   measure the impact of feature changes on their customers’ long-term engagements;
•   identify the most critical customer engagement and monetization metrics to optimize, such as user time-on-site, average revenue per user (ARPU), churn and return visitor metrics.

“Our customers realize that if they can see what drives player behavior and continuously improve the user experience in reaction to that insight, everyone benefits. Real-time analytics is the best way to guide development of enticing game content, virtual goods and promotions faster and more profitably,” said Christopher Lynch, president and CEO of Vertica.