Vevo Becoming Major Music Video Hub

In just five short months, Vevo has skyrocketed to 37.5 million unique users, according to comScore, making it the eighth largest video property on the Internet.

The music video hub, a joint venture between Google’s YouTube and several major record labels (including Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment) streamed 331 million videos in March, putting it in the neighborhood of established media giants like Turner (303 million clips) and Viacom (370 million). Vevo actually reached more viewers in March than both AOL and Viacom, landing it just behind Hulu (40 million unique viewers).

Of course, it helps to have some of the most sought-after video content on the Web. For example, Taylor Swift’s video for her hit You Belong With Me has been streamed more than 35 million times on Vevo, while Selena Gomez’s Naturally has been streamed nearly 26 million times on the site. And YouTube’s massive promotional platform doesn’t hurt.

According to comScore, Google Sites—which primarily reflects YouTube’s traffic—reached over 136 million unique viewers in March, delivering a staggering 13 billion videos (42 percent of the market). By comparison Hulu, the second largest video site in terms of volume, streamed more than 1 billion clips during the month.

Overall, comScore’s Video Metrix found that more than 180 million Americans watched a total of 31.2 billion videos during the month of March.