Vevo Crosses the Atlantic

Music video site taps U.K. audience

Vevo, the U.S. music industry’s online video darling, is bringing its act across the pond. The website, a collaboration between Universal Music and Sony Music, expects to be profitable in the U.K. market in a year’s time.

The site is currently in partnership talks with big British names like Channel 4, Virgin Media, and ITV, and is also opening the door for shareholder talks with music giants EMI and Warner Music. But stacking its list of advertisers, not more cooks in the kitchen, is Vevo’s priority. Unilever, Maybelline, Puma and others have already signed on, with initial campaigns ranging from around $33,000 to $57,000. Larger campaigns are priced in the $330,000 to $570,000 range.

The U.K. outfit has a staff of about 25 based in London and is serving as a model for future international endeavors. Expected regions to follow will be the Middle East and North Africa, Brazil, and Australia.