Vice Partners With Center for Employment Opportunities

A positive for the formerly incarnated.

Vice and the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)— a nonprofit that provides employment opportunities for ex-convicts—are joining forces. Together, Vice and CEO plan to encourage companies to hire more people with criminal records.

“There are lots of reasons for this [businesses not hiring the formerly incarnated], but the biggest challenge is that companies aren’t usually willing to take a chance on a person who has made a mistake, or people who have been caught up in the system,” said Vice co-founder Shane Smith, in a statement. “I feel strongly that the people running businesses around the United States—from small companies to Fortune 500 conglomerates—bear a responsibility to help change that.”

Vice and CEO’s multi-part action plan includes revising Vice’s hiring practices to take on more ex-convicts; calling on major companies to do the same; and developing a specialized recruitment strategy that will ensure the formerly incarcerated maintain long-term employment.

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