Vice Still Has Money to Burn, Thanks to Viacom

Vice Magazine was once a staple of the New York late 90s/early millennial underground scene, featuring articles on shooting up heroin, interviews with up-and-comers Chloë Sevigny, and pics of naked people from Ryan McGinley. They also had the severely un-P.C. Do’s and Don’ts thanks to co-founder Gavin McInnes, who left the mag in 2007 when big corporate bought Vice away from its grime roots with VBS.TV (Vice‘s web station), and made it into a glossy product with lots of advertising.

And hey, that’s not entirely a bad thing. According to Page Six, Vice still has money to burn, thanks in no small part to the success of spin-off projects like their record label, clothing company, and naturally, VBS.

Now in a time when everyone is talking about frugality and cutbacks, the New York-based Vice headquarters is throwing a gigantic Halloween party in Brooklyn, which will either “be the final gentrification nail in the coffin of what was once Williamsburg, or it will just be an insane extravaganza of decadence and fun.” Which sort of sounds like two sides of the same bougie coin, and as far away from what Vice‘s original mission was as humanely possible. Expect tons of corporate sponsorship on everything from the beer (PBR?) to the costumes (Where the Wild Things Are?), and if not exactly reminiscent of the old Vice parties, than the old Si Newhouse-sponsored ones.

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