Vice to Launch in More Than 50 Countries

Insert totally extreme guitar solo here.

Through a series of international deals, Vice is bringing its radical radness to 51 countries across the globe. The deals will bring Vice’s mobile, digital or TV programming—or all three, depending on the contract—to locations such as Ethiopia, Mumbai and Thailand.

The range of new clients include media companies in the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

For those interested, here is Vice founder and CEO Shane Smith with his usual rambling, juvenile statement about the news:

People don’t like to believe me. Maybe it’s because I drink too much. But today I have something to confess; I am a liar. I lied. Earlier this year it was widely reported that I announced that we would launch Viceland in 12 countries in 12 months and that is not true. We will in fact be launching in 44 countries (for those keeping score thats less than 4 months in). Making Viceland the fastest growing television network in history. Forgive me my sins I love you all.

Jesus that guy is exhausting.

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