VICE’s Motherboard to Bring ‘Sex, Drugs, Drones & Code’ to Internet Week

Internet Week 2013 kicked off a month early with a sneak preview of Vice Motherboard's discussion series, "Sex, Drugs, Drones & Code" at Design Within Reach's Soho studio in New York City.

Internet Week 2013 kicked off a month early with a sneak preview of Motherboard’s discussion series, “Sex, Drugs, Drones & Code” at Design Within Reach’s Soho studio in New York City.

Attendees can expect the unexpected, because the team at VICE’s Motherboard channel made up the name of the series before actually curating the content.

Motherboard deputy editor Sean Yeaton could only tell us this: “It sounds awesome, so I think it probably will be.” Sessions begin on May 20.

Designed to provoke thought on popular controversies like drugs and porn, the sessions will also venture into other topics that people should worry about, but don’t, like surveillance drones.

One by one, the discussion organizers introduced themselves and their areas of expertise. Here’s the full lineup:

  • SEX: Kelly Bourdet, @kellybourdet, “future sex” columnist, Motherboard
  • DRUGS: Daniel Pinchbeck, @DanielPinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl 
  • DRONES: Brian A. Anderson, @TheBAnderson, feature editor, Motherboard
  • CODE: Matt Stinchcomb, @stinchcomb, VP, values and impact at Etsy

The deep thought of the evening came from Anderson on the word “drone”: “It’s a very beautiful word when you look at it, with this ‘o’ in the middle,” he said, adding that the vowel could stretch to infinity.

While all that was going on, the showroom floor at Design Within Reach was set up with computers where partygoers could vote for which other panels they wanted to see “Make the Stage” at the upcoming tech conference.

Internet Week New York runs May 20 through the 27 at IWNY Headquarters at Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion and other venues throughout the city.

Photo courtesy of PKPR.

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