Video, Books, Sports, TV and More On This Week’s List of Top 20 Emerging Apps by MAU

A diverse array of applications were on our list of top 20 emerging Facebook apps by monthly active users this week. Everything from quizzes to dating to videos to books and sports popped up on our list this week, which included apps that grew from between 97,100 and 641,700 MAU. The list of top 20 emerging apps was compiled based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook and covers apps that grew the most in the past week, ending at between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. 大腦分析 941,209 +641,743 +214%
2. Zombie Lane 768,592 +539,481 +235%
3. การวิเคราะห์สมอง 875,270 +292,949 +50%
4. Okey Plus 849,847 +275,923 +48%
5. NBA Legend: Official NBA Game 929,075 +253,270 +37%
6. Dragon Age Legends 621,206 +238,516 +62%
7. Treasure Land 395,590 +224,270 +131%
8. Happy Kingdom 580,277 +195,128 +51%
9. The Qpiz – L’amore è un gioco 220,370 +192,190 +682%
10. Sınırsız Video 451,905 +174,923 +63%
11. Yeni Videolar 337,278 +166,368 +97%
12. Social Connect 426,252 +163,328 +62%
13. LiveProfile 286,046 +134,754 +89%
14. 196,997 +131,642 +201%
15. Welcome Tab for Pages 426,760 +121,189 +40%
16. FBClient 160,467 +113,913 +245%
17. Book List Challenges 162,734 +112,247 +222%
18. Video75 Video Ara 999,141 +109,284 +12%
19. 開心寶貝 959,867 +103,022 +12%
20. Citizen Sports 225,558 +97,136 +76%

There were a pair of Analysis of Brain apps in Chinese and Thai that made our list. The Chinese 大腦分析 added 641,700 MAU while the Thai  การวิเคราะห์สมอง grew by 293,000 MAU; the app’s viral features include publishing feed stories after use or creating a photo album published to the stream tagging friends in the process.

Ever-popular video apps made our list, too. Sınırsız Video with 175,000 MAU, Yeni Videolar with 166,400 MAU and Video75 Video Ara with 109,300 MAU made the list. Yeni Videolar has the viral feature of automatically publishing a feed story every time you watch a video while the other two allow users to share and Like videos to the stream.

There were some interesting social apps. Social Connect is a Facebook Connect integration for a a dating website of the same name, it grew by 163,300 MAU. Then there was LiveProfile, with 134,800 MAU; the app is a messenger platform for use on mobile devices. FBClient is a downloadable program for Windows, a Facebook client, that saw a rise of users of 114,000 MAU this week.’s app grew by 131,600 MAU. A tool for Page administrators, Welcome Tab for Pages, grew by 121,200 MAU; the app allows Page admins to create their own Twitter, poll, news, video and other content. Book List Challenges provides a list of other book lists, once you select one, you click on the books you’ve read, publish your score to the feed and the app shows you how you fared compared to other users, allows you to invite friends and shows a leaderboard. The app grew by 112,200 MAU.

Finally Yahoo Sports’ Citizen Sports app saw an increase of 97,100 MAU this week; the app drives virality by publishing trivia questions to the stream. A user first must select their favorite sports teams, then they have the chance to answer questions about their favorite teams, and if they don’t know, publish the question to the stream to ask their network for help answering.