VIDEO: HQ Trivia Host Scott ‘Quiz Daddy’ Rogowsky Talks About His First CES

He partnered with Super Deluxe for showroom tours all week

Camera: John Tejada; Editor: Josh Rios
Headshot of Marty Swant

Instead of taking off this week from his usual duties as host of the popular app-based trivia game HQ Trivia, Scott Rogowsky went live from Las Vegas, where he spent time on the showroom floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The gig, part of a partnership with Super Deluxe and the agency OMD, featured the eccentric front man known as “Quiz Daddy” broadcasting interviews with presenters and attendees.

This is Rogowsky’s first time at the annual convention, where around 180,000 attendees spend the majority of the week viewing or pitching the latest robots, VR headsets and smart devices, and he’s noticed how many people have their face in their phones even while walking around the crowded halls.

“I think that’s what makes HQ so special is that we’ve taken the distraction that is the phone and we’ve made it the focus,” he said.

It’s been a busy few months for Rogowsky and HQ, which on Sunday announced it had successfully pulled off its first game with more than 1 million concurrent players.

The game has had a rapid rise, which has led to Rogowsky enjoying his own bit of fame. But some people wonder how long the hype can last. Will people keep tuning in after a few weeks or months? To keep up the pace, HQ Trivia is now going international, with a British version planned and talk of expanding to other countries.

“They were complaining saying, ‘Oh too many questions are about America,’” Rogowsky said. “And so now they’re getting their own version, and that could easily become a French version, a Spanish version, and … build that out, multilingual HQ. And beyond HQ.”

@martyswant Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.