Video, Photos, Orkut, Connect, Quizzes and Roses on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps

Videos, as well as Facebook Live video stream app, photos, Orkut, Page tab apps, Connect apps, a German rose app and and Italian quiz app made our list of emerging Facebook applications by monthly active users this week. The apps on the list this week gained between 111,200 and 400,500 MAU.

The list of top 20 emerging apps was compiled based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook and covers apps that grew the most in the past week, ending at between 100,000 and 1 million monthly active users.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Komedi Kral 876,926 +400,482 +84%
2. FBML Tab Maker 612,146 +352,121 +135%
3. 60 Photos 519,925 +293,954 +130%
4. MyPad for iPad 619,918 +268,194 +76%
5. Facebook Live 634,199 +221,479 +54%
6. LiveProfile 991,299 +209,750 +27%
7. 881,294 +185,214 +27%
8. FameTown 822,914 +182,507 +28%
9. MigraKut 425,700 +166,523 +64%
10. Verschenke eine Rose 648,881 +163,261 +34%
11. UFC Undisputed Fight Nation Game 442,657 +163,124 +58%
12. มหัศจรรย์การเดินทาง 364,318 +149,487 +70%
13. Banner de perfil en espagnol 718,253 +142,177 +25%
14. Dreamland: The first 3D arcade style game ★★★★★ 709,131 +127,585 +22%
15. Miner Speed 795,777 +126,151 +19%
16. Flutter 602,274 +124,562 +26%
17. Game-Athanaton-De 486,141 +123,455 +34%
18. My Tab 250,924 +119,904 +92%
19. Adevar sau Provocare 621,484 +116,012 +23%
20. World Series Superstars: Baseball with MLB teams! 326,292 +111,178 +52%

Komedi Kral is a Turkish video app that topped our list with 400,500 MAU; the app allows users to watch, Like and share videos on Facebook. Then there was Facebook Live, Facebook’s official live streaming channel from the company’s Palo Alto, California headquarters. The app grew 221,500 MAU this week, mostly in the U.S., and President Barack Obama’s Wednesday town hall meeting held there may have been a part of this app’s growth.

A couple Page tab applications were on the list. FMBL Tab Maker added 352,100 MAU and My Tab 119,900. Both apps allow Page administrators to create customized Page tabs.

Photos made an appearance on the list in several forms. 60 Photos pulls photos from your friends’ Facebook albums and allows you to either click “nice” or “pass.” Each time you click “nice” the app publishes a story to your friends’ Wall. The app grew about 294,000 MAU. MigraKut is an interesting app out of Brazil that appears to signal that Orkut users are migrating to Facebook is large numbers. The app grew 166,500 MAU and promises to help users migrate their Orkut photos to Facebook in a few simple clicks.

Finally there was Banner de perfil en espagnol, which grew by 142,200 MAU and is a profile banner app that appears to be aimed at teenagers, based on the alternating raunchy and depressing photo themes. But the app has grown quickly probably in part because a total of 3 feed stories are generated when using it. First the app publishes a feed story, then a story is published that the user has created a new photo album, then a story that the user was tagged in this album is published.

A few Connect apps. MyPad for iPad added 268,200 MAU this week; the app is a Facebook for iPad app. Then the LiveProfile smartphone messenger service had a Connect app that grew by 209,800 MAU this week.

Wrapping it up was Verschenke eine Rose, a German app allowing users to send their friends virtual roses, publishing a feed story in the process. The app grew by 163,300 MAU. An Italian app, Adevar sau Provocare, grew by 116,000 MAU; the app is something of a quiz app of a user’s friends, posting answers to the Walls of their friends when a question is answered about them. But what’s interesting is, when this feed story is generated, the app creates a comment from the user asking their friend to “Send me a challenge or respond to a question.”

Come back next Monday when we’ll look at the top 20 Facebook apps by MAU.