Video: Playdom CFO Christa Quarles Discusses Storytelling, Surprise and Virtual Sportscars

At the Engagement Lessons from Leaders panel at last week’s Social Gaming Summit, moderator Jeremy Liew asked Christa Quarles to discuss the importance of storytelling in their Social City hit game. Christa discussed many key factors that Playdom designers think about when creating games, and told the audience an interesting fact about how Social City integrated story into a water tower item and how story boosted revenue with virtual sportscars. See the video below.

Social Gaming Summit 2010: Playdom CFO Christa Quarles Talks Storytelling in Social Games from Neil Vidyarthi on Vimeo.

Christa discusses the importance of surprise in social games as well, and mentions that as players get used to certain action/result combinations, developers should make sure to include surprises so that they don’t know what to expect. This ties back to our earlier analysis of social games as Skinner’s Box, where players can get addicted to the potential of winning a lottery when playing games. This concept seems to be spread liberally on social games, and Christa reaffirmed this.

It was great to see the passion and insight that came from the speakers at the session, and many listeners came away seeing a bit further into the social games creation process. A lot of the companies involved in the space are smaller companies on their way to growth, and the excitement of this new space is infectious and visible on the faces of anyone within the industry talking about the industry. We recently posted a video of Sebastien de Halleux discussing emotion in social games, and the same passion can be seen there. Check it out!

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