Facebook Page Admins Can Access Page Notifications Without Switch to “Use Facebook as Page”

Facebook Page admins can now see a View Notifications link in the right sidebar when viewing their own Pages from their profiles, as well as when the’ve switched to “Use Facebook as Page”. Previously, Page notifications could only be accessed from the top navigation bar’s Notifications channel when an admin browsed Facebook as their Page.

By being able to view Page notifications from the personal profile, admins will be more likely to check the alerts and respond to fan activity such as wall posts and uploaded photos.

“Use Facebook as Page” was introduced as part of the February 2011 Page redesign. It allows Page admins to to view Facebook Notifications about activity on their Page, and opt in to email notifications as well. This is especially helpful for admins of smaller Pages who are interested in knowing about every new piece of content added to their Page for conversational or moderation purposes, but that don’t receive so much activity that the Notifications list is too long to use effectively.

Facebook may have noticed that few admins were checking these notification, possibly due to the friction of switching to assume their Page’s identity. The addition of the View Notifications link that shows a counter for new activity may have been designed to increase engagement with the tool.

Fans who receive replies from admins have a better user experience, are likely to become more loyal, and therefore are more likely to share a Page with their friends. In this way, easier access to Page Notifications helps make Facebook more interactive and helps Pages grow, which in turn gives Facebook’s advertisers more connections to target, earning Facebook money.

[Thanks to Brittany Darwell for the tip]