Villaraigosa Promotes 30/10 Initiative on HuffPo

It’s Earth Day today and L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants you to know he’s riding the green train. Mayor V has a piece on Huffington Post promoting his 30/10 initiative, which would speed up the completion date for several Measure R transportation projects, including the “subway to the sea,” from 30 years to 10 years. He’s got some stats for us too.

Every year, 30/10 will:

* reduce emissions by more than 500,000 pounds
* save 10.3 million gallons of gasoline
* help Angelenos drive 208 million fewer miles

Technically, 30/10 won’t reduce anything. Because approving the plan doesn’t mean this stuff will actually get built on time. But we hear what you’re saying. Completing an efficient citywide public transit network in the next 10 years would be amazing. Not too many people disagreeing with you there.

So no more blogging and tweeting about it: time to make it happen.