Vin Scully, Illustrated

Without a doubt, Vin Scully is the only current MLB play-by-play man who chose to annotate – for future broadcast use – Amanda Foreman’s Feb. 21 Wall Street Journal article “A Brief History of Avoiding Exercise.”

Per a wonderful graphic in the Los Angeles Register by visual columnist Sharon Henry, the 86-year-old Scully is still idiosyncratically at-it in Chavez Ravine. From her Vin-diagram:

He’s highlighted the [WSJ] part that describes how one out of three World War I draftees was unfit for combat. He imagines a time (perhaps when a player is out of breath after running to second) that he can share this with his audience.

Genius! And a sweet reminder of why listening to Scully remains, in his 65th year on the job, worthy of Garrison Keillor, Will Rogers and other great fireside-chat storytellers. Savor the words and pictures of Henry’s item here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.