Vince Gonzales Got Drunk on the Job

Our perfect day at the office starts this way: There are multiple YouTube clips in our inbox of local journos throwing back shots while reporting.

SoCal Connected’s Vince Gonzales did a story about the effects of texting while driving as compared to drinking while driving. He replicated the experiment by Car and Driver magazine on camera. And because he is a true professional, he got sauced for the sake of the piece.

The story is airing this Thursday.

Now we are no teetotalers. We’re whatever is the opposite of that – booze pushers. Enthusiasts. So we’re not knocking on anyone for sipping screwdrivers on the clock. Just so that’s clear. If anything we’d like to see more of this behavior. We’ll even buy.

What we really want are the outtakes. Hint hint.

Pictured are correspondent Vince Gonzales (left) and producer Saul Gonzalez at the SoCal Connected second season screening at KCET studios.