Vine Surpasses Instagram In Twitter Shares

Five-month-old Vine is already giving Instagram a run for its social media clout.

Just a few days after Vine became available on Android, San Francisco-based Topsy Analytics reported that Vine had garnered 2.86 million shares on Twitter, vs. Instagram’s 2.17 million shares.

The company also found that Vine had surpassed Instagram in user downloads on Google play – Vine was the fourth most downloaded app, preceded only by Facebook, Candy Crush Saga and Pandora. Instagram was fifth.

It looks like the incompatibility between Instagram and Twitter that came to fruition in December is finally seeing an impact in user behavior.

Whereas Vines play directly on Twitter, users can no longer view Instagram photos in-stream. Clicking over to a separate app just to see an image has become cumbersome – and users are responding, turning to technology that suits their desire for ease of use. (Still want to share your ‘grams on Twitter? Check out this workaround.)

Vine is currently the second most popular free app in Apple’s App Store; as of this week, Instagram clocked in at #19.

Do you still share your Instagrams on Twitter?

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