Vine Announces Trending Hashtags, Further Antagonizing Haters

There are those on Twitter who love to hate Vines. They have good reason, we guess. Vines are new and (sometimes) annoying – and everyone is talking about them like they’re the best thing since . . . the last best thing everyone hated.

But Vine is going strong in spite of the haters. And it just announced a new feature that will make those you love Vines go ga ga a-new, while making detractors gag: trending hashtags.

Time to #VineItUp.

We’ve posted quite a few stories about Vines lately, from ways brands can use the service and how to create the perfect Vine to ways some companies have created Vinetastic promotions.

And Vine just made it “easier for you to find great content, like popular posts and hashtags, from accounts you may not follow.”

Since launch, there have been a ton of awesome, creative posts that don’t always make it to the popular sections. In many cases, these posts include a hashtag that the community is using.

To surface that content, we’re introducing trending hashtags, which show you the fastest-rising hashtags on Vine. These hashtags signify those that have moved up quickly in popularity; they aren’t necessarily the hashtags with the most posts.

You can find trending hashtags in the new “Trending” section in Explore.

So assuming you’re a fan of using hashtags (kind of a given on Twitter), this should be a welcome addition.

And to the six-second GIF-like haters out there, we agree that Vines CAN be boring and they’re really nothing more than Tumblr on speed – but should they really “suck it down the animation hole of death” as one commenter asserted recently in ALL CAPS? You tell us.

 (Image from Vine blog)

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