VinePair Inc. Adds Cannabis Content Vertical ‘Jane Street’

Advisors include Vox editorial director Lockhart Steele

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Here’s the first potential problem for Jane Street, a new cannabis content destination launched June 15 by the folks responsible for wine and spirits chronicle VinePair. The calculation of estimated-read times.

Two minutes sounds reasonable for the average non-stimulated unique visitor. But if someone lands on this while freshly invigorated from a bong, spliff, edible or prescription, well, it could be more like 200 minutes.

We’re not kidding. For someone who is high, even something like the mellifluous sound of the bylined reporter, Madison Margolin, can be phonetically frightening. And then, give or take a few interruptions, certain readers might actually start to keep a journal or run a bubble bath, per the writer’s suggestions of “What to Do When You’re High Alone.”

The new site should also not be confused with New York quantitative trading firm Jane Street. Then again, the gang there are into annual Office Bake-Offs.

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