The Coolest Use Of Vine To Date: An Evolving Music Video Called Vinetune

If you’re a musician on Twitter or just a fan of awesome things, you HAVE to see this.

It’s a music video that’s continuously changing, pulling in specifically hashtagged Vines – and the result is pretty fantastic.

Oh, and if you’re a musician seeking publicity, they may highlight your song next month (if you ask nicely).

Syncing Vines and their hashtags with song lyrics, Vinetune has this whole Vine question Wrapped. Up. Visit the site to see what we mean.

The screen shows a row of hashtagged Vines that play in turn and in time with hashtags that pop up in the song’s lyrics. It’s chaotic, sure – but also SUPER creative and the result is certainly original.

The song they’re highlighting right now is catchy little tune called Flexin by a Welch group, Masters in France.

And the Vinetune creators invite DJs and bands to reach out if they would like to be “Vinetuned” next month:

As TechCrunch observes, “VineTune is also a glimpse into the minds of advertisers as they approach this new platform.”

“As soon as you give people the tools, they will take part,” said the founders of VineTune. “Everyone wants to do the first real branded thing in Vine. We predict it will be a nonprofit.”

They explained to TechCrunch that charities are much more experimental with advertising, whereas bigger brands require an efficient, tested medium for their message.

The VineTune team also mentioned the Wolverine trailer that came out on Vine recently, explaining that we’ll see a real breadth of experiments on the platform before it’s truly “figured out.”

While some will take short content (like vines) and elongate them (just as VineTune has done), other brands will work on taking something traditionally longer (like a movie trailer) and pack it into a six-second clip.

The best part? Even if you aren’t a musician, you can participate – if you want.

When you click “add your vine,” you’ll be shown a randomly selected lyric and specific hashtags to use in your Vine. Once you publicly upload it with the tags, YOUR Vine will be added to the compilation!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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