Viper SmartStart: Unlock & Start Your Car From Anywhere

YouTube video courtesy of ViperSmartStart

Remotely unlocking car doors and trunks has been a common feature for years. Remote car starting is a bit less common but not unknown. But how how doing all this with multiple cars from your iPhone? The recently released…

Viper SmartStart 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

…is a free iPhone app that can do all this with an appropriately modified car. According to the…

Viper SmartStart product page…

…the car hardware side of the equation is available from Best Buy for $499.99 ($299.99 if your car already has a Viper system). And, since it require professional installation, figure in additional dollars for labor. You also need to take it in for yearly servicing priced at $29.99 per visit.

I’m not entirely comfortable with the product concept although I find it very interesting. I wonder how many people will accidentally start their car from inside of their home or office and leave the car running all day? After all, the system does not have distance limitations. So, you could start your car blocks away from your current position.

I have to admit it does have a “cool” factor to it though.

Via USA Today