Viral Video Law #11: Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber is the King of YouTube. The videos on his personal YouTube channel have been viewed a total of more than 186 million times and Bieber parodies and hater clips have been viewed millions of times as well. Millions of people all over the world love to love him, and just as many love to hate him. That is what makes him such a viral commodity – he spawns content and views from everyone, whether they like him or loathe him.

The most recent Bieber clip, ‘Justin Bieber Crash With Door’, was posted yesterday by YouTube user BiebersHairFlip and already has over 760,000 views. The video shows Bieber smashing his head on a revolving door. And I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to see that? All the pre-teen girls with pictures of Bieber in their lockers will watch anything he is in and all the Bieber haters out there who love to diss his hair and music will love to see him smash his face.

The whole world has Bieber Fever. Every time a new clip, positive or negative, is uploaded about this kid it jumps to the popular page on YouTube within hours. It seems like Bieber is the ticket to a viral masterpiece. Are you a Bieber lover or a Bieber hater? What do you think of his revolving door mishap?

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