Viral Video Law #11: Sex Sells

Last week a new viral video campaign hit the web, featuring Fortnight Lingerie. In ‘Super Sexy CPR’, two scantily clad models demonstrate how to perform CPR. OK, maybe “scantily clad” is a little bit of an understatement here. These girls are practically naked, and there is no doubt in my mind that at least 99% of the people watching this video aren’t interested in learning about CPR, if you catch my drift.

The video, which launched last Tuesday, has had just over 85,000 views on YouTube in the last week. However, on Vimeo ‘Super Sexy CPR’ is blowing other videos out of the water with more than one million views so far. The video has been viewed 96,500 times today alone. It is not clear why the video has done so much better on Vimeo than YouTube, but if you look at the comments it is not surprising that most come from guys.

Fortnight Lingerie and Super Sexy CPR hit the nail on the head with this one. Put two hot women in their underwear on the screen and people will watch. It doesn’t matter what they are doing – gardening, flying kites, or just sitting around – people will watch. And the girl-on-girl CPR action in this video just caters even more to the wandering eyes of men worldwide.

The video links to, which does not provide any additional information about the people who made the video. However, it does ask visitors to provide their email addresses to receive updates and goodies and let visitors know that a video called ‘Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts’ is coming June 1. CPR, abdominal thrusts…what’s next?

A video like this isn’t appropriate for just any brand – half-naked chicks can send the wrong message if you run a day care or an office supply shop. But for a lingerie company, this is a brilliant idea! What do you think of the Super Sexy Lingerie campaign? Is it too hot for YouTube, or the perfect viral video campaign?

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