Viral Video Law #2: Remix Popular YouTube Videos

Last week we covered the success of the new standing cat video on YouTube. Yesterday, YouTube user freddiew took the standing cat to the next level by hooking him up with a sweet pair of boots, a Zorro hat, a sword and a Mariachi cat on guitar to back him up. ‘Standing Cat IN BOOTS!’ is now taking the Internet by storm, with over 88,500 views since it was uploaded yesterday.

In the video’s description, freddiew explains his inspiration for making the clip. He says, “When I first saw this clip, I felt that someone had to put boots on this cat. I had a quick look around YouTube, and came to the conclusion that that someone was me.” He put the video together in After Effects, uploaded it to YouTube and it took off right away.

‘Standing Cat IN BOOTS!’ is a great example of how you can take an already viral video and add to it to create something just as viral as the original. How do you think the standing cat looks in boots? Do you like this video more or less than the original?

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