Viral Video Law #5: The Weirder The Better

What could be more intriguing than a dog, dressed up in a squirrel costume, chasing a squirrel? A new video hit YouTube this week that shows just that, and it is truly a work of genius. ‘Dog Squirrel Chasing a Squirrel‘, uploaded by YouTube user Charles Trippy, is currently at just over 155,000 views and growing and is a perfect example of how weird can pay off in the world of viral video.

In truth, this video has it all – an adorable squirrel, a cute dog running around in a ridiculous costume and a punk rock style theme song that you can’t get out of your head. Put all of these things together and you get a video that makes people say “What the heck?!” and hurry to share it with all their friends as quickly as possible.

That’s right. People love watching weird videos. And the weirder the better. ‘Potter Puppet Pals‘, ‘An Experiment‘, and ‘Charlie the Unicorn‘ are just a few examples of viral videos that have gone massively viral just because they are so freaking weird. You watch them the first time with your eyebrow raised and then you want to watch them again and again and again. Think you can come up with the next brilliantly weird viral web video idea?

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