Viral Video Law #7: Pop Parodies Prevail

When a new music video is released you can bet your odds that parodies will start popping up all over the web. Music video parodies are a great example of taking something that’s already popular and running with it, and if you can manage to create a really great parody you can easily amass millions of video views.

Sometimes a music video is released that is extremely spoof-able. Lady Gaga’s nine and a half minute ‘Telephone’ clip is one of these videos. Since Gaga’s video was released in March the parodies have been flying. People have poked fun at Lady Gaga’s wardrobe, her history and the lyrics of the song itself, while others have simply tried to remake the clip in its entirety.

Key Of Awesome Lady Gaga Telephone Parody

One of the most successful Telephone parodies was created by barelypolitical for the Key of Awesome weekly YouTube musical comedy show. In this clip, Lauren Francesca and Echoe Malone, as Gaga and Beyonce, sing about how ridiculous the concept of the Telephone video is. The parody has gotten over 4.2 million views since its release in late March.

Telephone – Dude’s Version

Vlogger Shane Dawson has also done quite well with his Telephone parody, with over 3.7 million views since the end of March. ‘Telephone – Dude’s Version’ puts a male spin on Gaga’s song, showcasing a nerdy guy who doesn’t want to pick up the phone because he’s busy playing Jenga, making smoothies and having a dance party in his living room with his guy friends.

U.S. Army Telephone Remake

The most recent addition to YouTube’s collection of Telephone parodies was put together by some United States soldiers in Afghanistan. The clip has gotten over 2.6 million views in just over a week. This video does not have high production value, hot chicks or even funny, spoofed lyrics. However, what makes it so viral is that it shows soldiers, who are supposed to be tough, acting goofy and far less manly than you’d expect, dressed in their best Gaga gear.

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