Viral Video Law #8: Creepy Babies Get Views Too

It’s a well-known fact that cute baby videos are incredibly popular. However, a new clip that has been circulating YouTube over the last few days proves that ugly, creepy and deranged babies can get just as many views as the cute ones.

‘Chubby Baby Does Weird Tile Slide’ is a video of a little, chubby baby convulsing its way around on a tile floor. It is unlike anything you have ever seen and probably unlike anything you will ever see again (if you’re lucky). The video has gotten over 151,000 views so far, most occurring in the last few days. This chubby baby clip really started taking off when Ray William Johnson uploaded it in his latest addition of Equals Three, ‘I KEED. I KEED.’, which has been viewed by over 1 million YouTubers in the past two days.

This video is pretty indescribable and you just have to watch it to understand what it is that makes it so appealing (or appalling, depending on your taste). But before you click the play button, get ready to raise your eyebrow, drop your jaw and feel a little bit uncomfortable and a little less innocent. Is it the Michelin Man? A poor soul in need of an exorcism? Or just a little baby having the time of its life? You be the judge.