Visibli Calls Audi Most Engaging Brand On Facebook

A new study says that Audi has the most interactive fans on Facebook, contradicting how most engagement rankings lead with sports and entertainment.

Step aside, athletes and entertainers — your pagers don’t register as the most engaging in a new study out today from Visibli.

Brand managers, take note of these findings from Visibli:

  • Forget Bieber and Gaga; like we’ve said above, the brand with the most Facebook fan engagement is Audi.
  • Artists’ fan pages sees engagement grow as the number of fans grow; the opposite is true for brands and media pages.
  • Artists’ posts get as many likes as posts by media organizations or brands.Visibli also measured the half-life of a Facebook post. On average, Facebook posts receive half of their likes within the first hour and 20 minutes of being published, 80 percent within the first seven hours and 95 percent within the first 22 hours.
    Facebook posts, the study claims, are much more resilient as compared to other social media platforms. For marketers, that means they may want to wait until a post has reached its half-life before posting again.

Before we received an email from Visibli touting these findings we hadn’t even heard of the entity, but the fact that 200 million Facebook users — almost a third of the site’s membership — factored into the study does give it credence.

So, readers, what do you think about this study’s findings?

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