Visual Journalism Grant Honors Tim Hetherington

In April, the journalism community mourned the untimely death of Tim Hetherington, who, along with photojournalist Chris Hondros, was killed while documenting fighting in Libya. In honor of his life’s work, Human Rights Watch and World Press Photo have announced the Tim Hetherington Grant, an annual visual journalism award focusing on human rights.

“This award is a tribute to Tim Hetherington’s extraordinary talent for bringing human rights stories into vivid focus,” said Carroll Bogert, deputy executive director for external relations at Human Rights Watch, in the press release. “The best photojournalism changes the world. We hope this grant will help more photographers think of their work in those terms.”

The 20,000 euro grant is intended to help the recipient finish an already existing project dealing with human rights. It has been set up with the support of Hetherington’s parents, Alastair and Judith.

According to the press release, a panel of judges “will look for the revolutionary qualities that defined Hetherington’s career: work that operates on multiple platforms and in a variety of formats; that crosses boundaries between breaking news and longer-term investigation; and that demonstrates a consistent moral commitment to the lives and stories of the photographic subjects.”

In 2007, Hetherington won the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year for his photograph of an exhausted American solder in a Restrepo bunker in Afghanistan. He also directed an Academy Award-nominated documentary, “Restrepo” that chronicled the deployment of U.S. troops to Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley.

The deadline to apply is Oct. 15, 2011. A winner will be announced in November.

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